The Adventure Begins!

It's time to get this soap business started! You only live once, right?

This all started when I was doing some research on owning a bunch of goats and what I could do with them to make money. What I ended up on was making soap from the goat milk. While I don't get fresh goat milk just yet, I found that you can make the soap with powdered milk, which you can get at Wal-Mart. How convenient!

The idea is to eventually (maybe next year), get some kids (that's baby goats!) to breed and get fresh goat milk from. The only thing holding me back now is money and I need to make a new pasture. The two goats I have now are too big to mingle with the Nigerian Dwarf goats that I plan on getting. While they don't produce the most milk because of their size, these goats have the highest fat content in their milk, therefore making the milk taste better and have more nourishing properties for soap.

So how are we gonna make this soap anyway?

Luckily for me, the internet exists. After many, many searches for great soap recipes, I found a few and decided to go for it. I made my first batch in April and it turned out pretty good. It was a simple oatmeal and milk recipe without any coloring or scents added. It smelled like soap with a very slight hint of oatmeal. After curing for 4 weeks I finally got to try it, and now I use it in the shower everyday. The oatmeal and milk work really well together to moisturize my skin. I couldn't wait to make more! I took a daring leap and purchased a bunch of soap making supplies: a couple molds, essential oils, various oils, soap cutter, and some extra additives like kaolin clay.

Recently I have started to experiment with my soap recipe to create the perfect moisturizing soap bar while maintaining a good hardness so the bar will last. After many failed attempts, I think I have come up with something that will work. The only problem: the oils, like olive oil, are too yellow or golden brown, thus turning the soap a yellowish color.

While this is fine, I still would like to have that perfect white soap bar and eventually color the soap to fit the scent or type I am trying to make. I have ordered some whiter oils, like coconut, palm, and sunflower, which should be arriving next week along with some new scents!

I will post my progress after I get all of my goodies in the mail and have tried them. I am really excited for this stuff to come in because I think I have a good recipe. Let's hope the end result looks as good as it does on paper!

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