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Why You Should Switch to Handmade Soaps

You might be wondering, why should I buy handmade soap when I can just get something from the store? Well I have just the answers for you!

Here are some reasons that handmade soap is better for you:

Reason #1: Handmade Soaps Contain Glycerin

Glycerin is a skin moisturizer that attracts the water from the air onto your skin. The glycerin comes from animal fats and vegetable oils. They usually contain 7-13% glycerin from their natural chemical makeup.

Store bought soaps are processed to remove the glycerin and then put into other products like lotions. The reason for that is instead of buying one product to clean and moisturize, you know have to buy two, one to clean and one to moisturize. Handmade soaps can do both for you!

Reason #2: Handmade Soaps are Made with Better Ingredients

Soaps that are mass produced are made with synthetic ingredients that are cheap to make. These are terrible for your skin! They can cause more skin problems and then you will have to buy another product to help with those.

Handmade soaps are made with oils that are found around the house, such as olive and coconut. Sometimes things like shea butter are added for a more nourishing effect. These natural ingredients are much better for your skin overall.

Reason #3: Essential Oils!

Handmade soaps can include essential oils in them for even more benefits. There is more to them than just the smell! Some, like lavender, can help you feel more relaxed while others can energize you for the day!

Reason #4: Better for the Environment

What do you think happens to your soap when you are done using it and it goes down the drain? The flora and fauna get it! Store bought soap contains many chemicals (as I have mentioned above) and these are not good for the environment.

Also, handmade soap bars (usually) aren’t in plastic containers. Most people will wrap them in paper or small boxes. Using these will reduce the amount of plastic that is thrown away every year!

Reason #5: You are Supporting the Person that Made Them

Anything handmade will have attention and care put in to it from the creator. Usually they have done extensive research to perfect their craft and they want their customers to get the best quality product. Buy purchasing a handmade product, you are supporting the person that made them and helping their business.


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