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Why Goats Are Awesome!

A lot of people are turned off by goat’s weird, rectangular pupils and quirky personalities, but they actually make great pets! I have had my older goat, Butter, since she was a little 2 month old kid and she follows me around and wants me to come over as soon as she sees me. Here is a picture of her in the snow!

Goats are very affectionate animals. They absolutely need to have a friend with them at all times. They need either another goat or they could be friends with a horse or cow. If they don’t have a friend with them, they will get depressed and constantly cry out. I am pretty sure that Butter just tolerates Theo’s existence, but they get along sometimes.

Goats have the best personalities. They can be sassy and are extremely curious. That’s why they are known to be great escape artists! Each goat is totally unique.

Goats have rectangular pupils! Their pupils are this weird shape so that they have a wider peripheral vision to avoid predators. They can see everything except for anything directly behind them. The downside to the shape, is that they can’t look up or down without moving their heads.

Goat milk! Goat milk is actually the most popular milk worldwide. Because these animals are so easy to take care of, people from all over the world drink goat’s milk more than another kind.

Goats are tough! Even though they can get sick, it doesn’t happen often. They can eat all sorts of plants (even poison ivy) and live to be around 12-15 years old. Even though they require a sturdy fence, shelter, and food, they don’t need much maintenance as far as grooming goes. Goats only need their hooves trimmed about once a month.

Kids are adorable! Goat babies, or kids, are so cute! They run and jump around so much. They are extremely playful and even more curious than when they are adults. I dare you to search for some goat videos online!

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